Effektfullt leads the work on developing the first Swedish standard for impact measurement

It is more important than ever to measure and manage the impact that activities have on people and the planet. But in Sweden there is neither a common terminology nor a coherent approach to impact measurement. The Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) is now launching a new committee that will lead the work of developing a Swedish standard for impact measurement, in order to increase the quality of impact measurement in Sweden. At the committee's first meeting the Executive Director of Effektfullt, Annica Johansson, was elected chairperson of the committee for the next three years.

Effektfullt is one of the organizations behind the initiative to develop the standard. Annica Johansson, Executive Director at Effektfullt, says:

""We are very happy to be trusted with leading the committee's work to develop a Swedish standard for impact measurement, and we will do our utmost to ensure that it results in a useful product that is widely applied. Our goal is that the development of a standard will contribute to a greater cross-sectoral consensus on terminology, and to a more common view on what constitutes appropriate principles and processes for meaningful impact measurement and management. We believe this to be a prerequisite for effectively improving the quality of impact management in Sweden."

Annica Johansson, CEO Effektfullt

Most countries do not have a national standard for impact measurement, which means that when the committee's work is completed, Sweden will be one of the first countries in the world to have developed a national standard. Effektfullt are members of Social Value International, a global network with the goal to change the way society accounts for value. Ben Carpenter, CEO of Social Value International, says that:

"It is fantastic to see Sweden becoming one of the first countries to develop a Standard for Impact Measurement. We are delighted that Effektfullt will be chairing this process and we look forward to supporting them, as a Joint Member Network of Social Value International, in our shared mission of changing the way the world accounts for value."

Ben Carpenter, CEO Social Value International

The Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) encourages more organizations to join the standard development committee. Johan Dahlgren at the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS) says that about 20 organizations have already said that they intend to participate, and with additional perspectives we can get an even better standard in the end. He further comments that a Swedish standard may be in place in about a year and a half. About Effektfullt's chairmanship of the committee, Johan Dahlgren says:

"It feels natural that Annica Johansson, Effektfullt, after our nomination, assumes the role of chairperson of the newly formed committee. With her great drive and commitment, she will do much good for the standardization within this field."


If your organization wants to influence and contribute to the development of the standard, it is still possible to participate in the committee.

Johan Dahlgren, Section Manager for information technology and management systems at SIS.

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